Sefer Esther 3

chapter 1-

gnomen 1 - DIARY of the DONKEY: Nov. 20, 1998, Kislev 2, 5759. The renewed calculation of the New Stellar Calendar of Big Fish, Leviathan is not yet ready. Paolo is working on it. The conclusion of the Virtues of Esther and the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik (Esther 2) is an extraordinary revelation that touches more concretely for the first time the question of the Hidden Goel, Haim, when he was in the world. In the Book of Esther 1 was revealed the history of the Initial Signs in the School of the Essenes revealing the hitherto hidden history of the Star that Astounds. The Book of Esther 2  concentrates on the exposition of the name ASHER, also filling in the historical gap concerning the Hidden Servants of God, the true Hidden Tzadikim, who maintained the merit for the continuation of the world, especially in the past 2000 years.

Gnomen 2 - I have written here the title The Book of the School of Esther ‘ The New ‘Shin’ and the New ‘Vav’ of the FR - The Tablets of Justice of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik of this Esther 3 which is part of the New Scroll of the Final Redemption. These are the New Letters of SHUSHAN representing the New Purim of the FR. I know yet nothing of the contents of this text.

Gnomen 3 - The Scroll of the Final Redemption, once it opens does not close. Each text has to be closed but the Scroll goes on because it represents the living exposition of the Fourth Generation in course.

Gnomen 4 - (follows chapter 13 of Esther 2) In truth I passed through my Bar Mitzvah School without knowing anything of the Torah. Only when I was 18 with my entrance into Yeshiva University did I begin to walk on the path of the halacha. I was always amazed about everything. I was alive. That seemed to me amazing enough. But here there were Jews who even wore tefillin when they spoke on the telephone with their girl-friends.

Gnomen 5 - I remember Rabbi Riskin’s clamoring vociferously about that one. “I passed him by in the corridor” he screamed with talmudic joy, “and I stopped in my tracks to see the wonder. Did he really have a direct line to the Ribono shel ‘Olam!”

You can see, then, that I already had a full Jewish education before I got trapped into the Habad-cage. Had I had a girl-friend, I would not have spoken to her on the telephone while wearing tefillin. I took to heart that ‘direct line’ expression. It was the ‘direct line’ that I desired. The problem was that every time I searched for the ‘direct line’ I found myself searching for a girl-friend as well.

Gnomen 6 - It was not easy such a blotch on my conscious, so I went to the Campus Freudian Sage with a German Jewish beard to ask him why such a mitzvah as the circumcision was completely ruining my ‘direct line’ with the Master of the world. “Are you not afraid of Him?” asked the Rabbi Doctor with German lucidity. “Of course I am afraid of Him and certainly I wish not to do anything against His will. The problem is that instead of the ‘direct line’ that I must reach, everything I see and touch makes a ‘direct line’ to the middle section. Have you no remedy, Doctor, to help me get out of this body before it drags me under?

Gnomen 7 - “What do you mean ‘everything’ ?” his eyes lit up with psychoanalytic precision, joyous for my readiness to strip my mind before him. “Everything” I said with emphasis. “If it were only the problem of a girl-friend why would I have come to you? No, Doctor, it’s not that. Somewhere along the line, I exited from all distinctions of male, female, animal, plant life and even inanimate objects. Everything finds a way to excite me. The entire world, it seems to me, has come to squish and squash me with sexual desire.

Gnomen 8 -  “Do you think the situation is very serious, Doctor?” “Not at all” he said smiling with the solution on his beard. “It is a simple case of Yetzer ha-ra. You’ll get married. It’ll pass. See how clearly you expound on yourself. If there were a real problem, you would not be able to do such. Do not worry and don’t be afraid. You’re not meshuga. Have a little more fear of Him and then you’ll get married afterwards and all this will go away. Zai a menshe un daiga nisht, vet zain gut.”

He’s certainly more rational than Freud, I concluded in my thoughts. The difference is that Freud never understood the Yetzer ha-ra and so he saw every evil as rooted in the sub-conscious for reasons of its own. But you can’t blame the negatives for the kinds of photos that were taken, can you!

Gnomen 9 -   Nevertheless, that direct-line tefillin discourse of R. Riskin set me off into a long meditation and in the end was the real catalyst of my leaving the University and seeking the ‘direct line’ with Habad. Riskin’s quip irked my growing inner warp and excited my desire to know why my love could not yet be satisfied by tightly binding myself to the tefillin straps. Something was desperately wrong with me, I reasoned, and even for Minhha Shabbat I could not sing freely with the others.

Gnomen 10 - At the Yeshiva University, I found German-Jewish-American halachic Judaism. The German-Jewish part was quite strict and the American part quite watered down but, in general, I was seeing active, halachic Judaism in the context of Traditional studies. I had already a fair knowledge of modern Hebrew, having studied it in Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey, with Mr. Chasen, peace be with him, for 3 years. I had also been to Israel the summer before beginning at the University, having won that trip to Israel for 7 weeks for high grades. Mr. Chasen sent me with a Shomer ha-Tzair (non-religious Zionist) group.

Gnomen 11 - I myself had no idea of the various groups of Zionists, religious Zionists, socialist Zionists, non-religious Zionists etc. etc. and I never belonged to any group. Indeed, I never loved being part of groups of people and I never really allowed myself to mix into any group, feeling myself too individualistic to ‘divide’ or ‘share’ myself with others.  My individualism was very spiritual or, at least was taken by me as a question of my spiritual identity which, however, I had yet to delve into and try to define. I was born with strong inner faith in the One Living God, thank God, I’ve never known what doubts on this matter even mean.

Gnomen 12 - I believed, of course, in the Pesah of the Jewish people and I desired to study Torah and to know much more. I was therefore very enthusiastic about the Yeshiva University and the daily program of Jewish studies while greatly appreciating the double-program of secular subjects in which I majored in classical Greek. In truth I was a frustrated study-monger. I was always in the thought of using all my time for studying and reading but I was always thwarted from accomplishing that desire. I was always in conflict with wasted time and the conflict remained because I never used my time as I would have desired.

Gnomen 13 - Diary: see below (not brought here) diagram of the 13 New Mazalot in their respective positions in their convergence with the 13 Stars of the Shoshanah.

Gnomen 14 - some notes received by Giuseppe in the Tent: the New Mazalot give over the comprehension of oneself. In time, in the events (of the world and in one’s personal life) the Mazalot will come to explain themselves progressively;

the ‘eye’ of Balaam is representative of the New Mazalot, that is, the New Level of Prophecy that derives from the New Mazalot.

the ‘eye’ of Balaam permits the person to see himself, after one is on the level of always speaking just words and doing just actions; this is the Third Eye ‘above’ that brings the words and the actions to their completion in the proper and true prospective desired;

Gnomen 15 - the New Mazalot are the new roots of the future; this means that the person born under the New Mazal is already rooted in the ‘sources’ of the Final Redemption;

‘shtum ha-’ain’ and ‘gilui ‘ainaim’ are three eyes;

in one sense, every person has a third eye, possibly called the ‘eye of prophetic vision’;

the ‘third eye’ of the Donkey who eats Bread opens the eye of prophetic vision for the world; in order for mankind to receive this third eye, it needs the third eye of the Donkey;

the third eye represents the true Middle Way between the extremes;

the third eye is hidden above the brain, slightly above the forehead (the Three Eyes of the Donkey (received in Giuseppe’s dream) were in a line, as the 3 Stars in the Sign of the Stars) -



Gnomen 16 - DIARY: some hidden Signs of Esther: in Davide Levi’s dream, Peretz says “Shin, Sheen, it is the Dead Donkey speaking to you”. The double Shin refers to Shushan. Together the 2 Shins give over the New Ktav Shushan. The New Ktav Shushan allows the writing of the New Scroll of Esther, in the permission of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 17 - DIARY: our Michail Esther (who is from Persia (Iran) originally) had her work concerning the Cuneiform Tablets that she possesses requested from someone in Beersheva, someone from Ben Gurion University. At the same time, by an obviously ‘providential’ error, she received a facs which was of the Queen Pahlevi, wife of the ex Shah of Persia who wrote the facs to some poet in the United States. These are ‘hidden signs’: the New Kingdom of the School of Esther of Beersheva is beginning to come unto its Reign among the universal kingdoms (the extensions of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, of Ahhashverosh. This is in conjunction to our Web-Site Camillo.

Gnomen 18 - The Hherem Mi-Deoraita of the Five Tablets of the Pact (which is on the Web-site Camillo) is bound to the 5 Stars of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik. Since the end of the 13th year and the death of Beniamino noster, the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread was allowed to continue as the successful mission of the last prophecy in Malachi and the final prophesied New Pact of the Prophet Jeremy, the Signs of Purim abound and the Correspondences between the Tribunal and the Kingdom of Esther are continual. Also in the 14th General Volume of the Book of the Stars (written in the 15th year of the Completed Signs and still in hand-writing) was full with ‘hidden Purim Signs’ hidden in the Festival of San Remo.

Gnomen 19 - All the Purim Signs represent the Hidden and Strategic Ways in which the Final Redemption arrives to the Jewish people.

Now Iraq has taken a 4 day beating. This is to cleanse the Babylonian Rosh Star from its poison of chemical weapons. In the meantime, a new stellar formation has been formed in the triangular Israel, America, Great Britain. Probably the next to have its bully broken down is Shiite Islamics. For the Compass of Esther is unwinding. See how the Greek Orthodox Star has separated Russia and cut it off from its own shield of Salvation.


Gnomen 20 - That ‘direct line’ tefillin joke had had meaning for me. Most of the Jews among the Yitzhhak Elhhanan program of Yeshiva University, not the teachers who were, in general, rabbis, but the students, seemed to me ‘part-time’ Jews. I had not the experience to measure meaningfully the various classes of Jews that I found at the University. In general, however, it seemed to me that those who have had the great fortune of studying the true Tradition must be fully dedicated to it.