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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds)

Sefer Esther 3

Chapter 3

GNOMEN 101 - For Gilad Shadmon, it is therefore quite simple that so many thousands of Kabbalists of the past 400 years have erred in ‘concretising’ the Creator by believing that the higher spiritual worlds existed within them. They even became healers and miracle workers, well recompensed, he says, because of that grave error. They had not yet understood that the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF CREATION is to reach the HIGHER EMANATED WORLDS OF THE BOOK OF THE ZOHAR. Then other rabbis and Torah scholars made the mistake of saying that one must at first study the whole Torah and Talmud and Poskim before entering the study of the Kabbalah. This was because of that error and thus they were afraid that Jews fall into dangerous mistakes in the faith, but the way of Judah Ashlag makes it impossible for one to err.

GNOMEN 102 - What is a Kabbalist, he asks, and who is a Kabbalist? Très simple, messieurs et madames. The Kabbalist is one who receives the Higher Spiritual Lights of the Emanation. All those who desire to ‘receive’ those worlds can become Kabbalists. Abraham was the first Kabbalist constantly walking in the higher spiritual worlds, and from what he received, he passed down in oral Kabbalah. Another Kabbalist whose name was Moshe Rabbeinu received what he was able to perceive and he wrote the Book of Kabbalah known as the Five Books of Moses. (Of this Booklet of Pharaoh arrogance and foreign trash, the filthiest can be seen right here in his speaking about Moses, our teacher!) It is simple, you understand, all Scripture, all 24 books of Tradition and all the Talmudic, Aggadic and Halachic Traditions are Kabbalah and, in truth, he explains, they all refer to the higher spiritual worlds of The Emanation. The difference is only in the language used. In past times it was possible for individuals to reach those heights by those means but now only by means of Ashlag’s Sullam on the Book of the Zohar is it possible to reach them.

GNOMEN 103 - And as to your making a choice, it is simple. This purpose of reaching the higher spiritual worlds of the Book of the Zohar is the ‘ultimate purpose’ of every soul and only in this way can it receive its ‘final correction’ and no longer have to migrate in future gilgulim (incarnations).

In other words, avoiding to say it openly, Gilad Shadmon is asserting that the Higher Spiritual Worlds of the Book of the Zohar are the Final Redemption; Judah Ashlag was the Zohar’s Messiah, the Last Great Kabbalist, who brought it down to the level of the souls of these generations and Gilad Shadmon together with Internet is now the Donkey of the Geula bringing it to the 4 corners of the world!

GNOMEN 104 - It’s as easy as pie. Who would not come to eat such a delicious cake. Even Judah Ashlag’s soul itself has been totally simplified so that no one make mistakes or complicate matters by trying to understand who he is. His is the Triple-Soul, as Gilad Shadmon reminds us in the name of those Kabbalists who know that the same soul (God forbid!) went at first into Shimon bar Yohhai, then it came down again in the body of Yitzhak Luria and finally it landed right in the body of Judah Ashlag. So don’t waste your time with Torah and Tradition and Law or even other Kabbalists and don’t forget to buy your Zohar now. You can order it at $$$$$$$$ Kvutzat Baruch, Bnei Brak.

GNOMEN 105 - Oh, what simple fun. You can destroy and deface the entire Torah Tradition, written and oral, with this teeny-weenie booklet ‘Torah, the Hidden Torah’ of Gilad Ashlag!!! And yet until now I know of no insane-asylum adapted for this new type of spiritual imbecility. Stand up, o Israel, for the honor of Moshe Rabeinu and burn down the Final Golden Calf that has now entered the final stage of its universal expansion until it will be burnt down and destroyed forever!

GNOMEN 106 - DIARY: Yesterday morning I woke up with 2 dreams containing bloody signs and smelly-neck signs. The bloody signs were on the under cheek and chin of my father, Morris Green, peace be with him, and the smelly-neck signs were on my neck, which disturbed the Tzadik Haim on whose left side I was walking.

These were negative signs that the Blasphemy, Idolatry and Arrogance at hand had pharaoh proportions and that it’s sin was blocking the true ‘reconciliation’ Signs of the heart and the brain.

GNOMEN 107 - In the first dream, I saw my father, Morris Green, who was extremely anguished and there were blood cloches under his chin and cheek. He complained bitterly that when she, my mother, (Ann Green, peace be with her) said to him that from then on they would be only friends, that is what had so pained him and made him suffer. I remember trying to say something to my precious mother about Dad’s suffering on this account but she remained in her decision and in the luminous isolation of meditation and prayer that surrounded her.

I believe that, thank God, my father and mother have been in the Higher School of the Final Goel, Haim, and that they came to give me the signs that I need to complete this Correction, God willing.

GNOMEN 108 - My father showed me how the relationship of husband and wife became painful when reduced to the level of friendship, especially since my father was relatively young in the dream and so too my mother and he needed his wife. My mother’s attitude, however, in contrast to the heart-felt suffering of my father, was very cool, indifferent isolation not wanting to be disturbed in the light of her meditation. (these scenes are completely distant in every sense from the reality of their life in this world; in truth my mother was as warm hearted as can be and my father was anything but the crying type, but in this dream they are giving me and us Signs) -

GNOMEN 109 - On reading Shadmon’s propaganda booklet, I was dumb-founded and surprise-struck by the Dianetics-like coldness and the Siberian temperatures of every sentence. There is not one word spoken to awaken the love and fear of God, nor does it contain anything which speaks of love, charity and compassion for others. On the contrary, Shadmon establishes, perfectly against the Torah and Tradition ‘that even if one does good actions with others, it is only for egoistic reasons’ ( and consequently it is worthwhile to use that egoism in reaching one’s higher soul by entering the higher spiritual worlds!) and thus he coaxes his readers to explore the ‘scientific’ system of methodical Zohar study. Gilad’s city of cold-blooded killing has little to do with the coldness of Habad doctrines and attitudes so aptly wrapped up in and enmeshed with a very sophisticated linguistic Torah-filled system of falsified walls to cover the terrible ice hiding underneath.

GNOMEN 110 - I was stunned by the isolation into which the new linguistic, all-Zohar, a little Luria and all-Ashlag school had fallen because of belief in its own light and its own power to resolve all problems without any need for any other part of the Jewish people. Its separation from the language of Tradition here is not subtle. It coldly undoes all traditional meaning and strips down all normal concepts in the insatiable blackhole of its disgusting inner spiritual arrogance ‘a Kabbalist whose name was Moses, our teacher’. There is no true respect for anyone or anything, only for the Book of the Zohar with its Ashlag-Double!

GNOMEN 111 - My father, whose name is also Moshe, shows me here the anguish of the Torah in its having become separated from the true Tradition, the Tradition of the true Spiritual Marriage between the God of Israel and the chosen people who walk in the holy Tradition. My mother whose name is Hhana shows me the total indifference to the feelings of others, as is instead the fulcrum of the true Torah, in that false, isolating light of no-return. This group, without their realising it, obviously, has exited from the true marriage union and from the true conditions of the Pact of the Torah and from the simplicity of the faitin which we are commanded and which is the richness of our inheritance. They are no longer the Bride, Israel, in a Spiritual Marriage to the God of Israel by way of the Pact of the Torah. They are isolated in a false illumination that renders them as ‘platonic friends’ of the Torah and Tradition.

GNOMEN 112 - They need nothing else because all is in the Book of the Zohar and can be reached by the Ladder of Judah Ashlag. They are ‘friends’ of Tradition, nothing more, because in any case, the Patriarchs, Moses, Elijah the Prophet and all Tradition only came for the sake of reaching the spiritual levels of the Higher Worlds now reached by the Zohar-Ashlag team. It’s the end score that counts, no! Kifrut!

GNOMEN 113 - It is not by chance that the correlation shown me here is given by my beloved father and mother. I, as their son, am given to see the ‘separation’ between the wisdom of the Torah and between the ‘understanding’ of the Torah and Tradition, as it states ‘Listen my son to the Traditional Teachings of your father and do not abandon the Torah of your mother’. The wisdom of the Torah and the understanding (Oral Tradition) of the Torah each have their qualities but only together, as husband and wife, are they complete*. My parents show me how this union is ‘falsified’ and they indicate the ‘separation’ that in truth occurs in the false lights of Aba and Ema of the Book of the Zohar.

*the father reaches both and from him you hear and understand the Tradition while the woman clings to the wisdom of the Torah in the extra understanding that she possesses even without the detailed explanations of the oral tradition -

GNOMEN 114 - Because of what they believe to be ‘understanding’, the illumined comprehension to which they reached, they have separated themselves from the true wisdom of the Holy Torah revealed by God Almighty to Moshe Rabbeinu, ‘alav ha-shalom. After that, in a second dream, the Final Goel, Haim, gives me over the sign demonstrating that the bad odour is in the neck.

We have received it that the Neck of Pharaoh is of a particular ‘star’ between the Tribunal of Mordechai and Esther in her Kingdom, as we learned during the ‘terrible’ signs of the Correction of the Passion of Christ, connected to the impediment of deification and arrogance etc. of this star. Its falling and its breaking signified the reunification of the Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai Ha-Tzadik and the Constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, opening the way to the New Tablets of the New Law of the FR.

GNOMEN 115 - This sign of the Tzadik Haim thus indicates the 5th level sin and the totally falsified linguistic structure that it expounds, represents a ‘bad odour’ still emanating from that hard-necked Pharaoh Star. During the Christian Correction it was in the hated fourth generation of the idolatrous Christian deification deriving from John. After it, however, there is a revival of the sin in counter-parallel to the 5th Universal Star at the level of Paul’s Christianity. There the Pharaoh Star of Separation is again ‘hopefully’ awakened to the sound of a ‘new language come to finally justify the intentions and purposes of the Book of the Zohar ha-passul. As in Christianity, the destructive and pernicious fallen tongue of Paulus stood on the other side of that fifth level, bringing with him a ‘new language’ for his new Christians. That new tongue of Paul derived from the ‘other side’ of the Star of Malchitzedek.

GNOMEN 116 - The ‘bad odour’ of the Pharaoh-Neck of this last hated level of the sin of the false Kabbalah impedes the true Reconciliation of the heart and the brain needed for the true Reconciliation of the heart of fathers and sons of the FR. May the Holy God of Israel cut down this raging Zohar-monster and tear its eyes out of its sockets and split it into pieces for the sake of maintaining the clear intelligence of every son and daughter of the Jewish people. Amen.

GNOMEN 117 - I, Peretz Green, thus place the Book of Kabbalah - Torat Ha-Nistar written by Gilad Shadmon and all that which is associated to it, under the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, on the authority of the Final Goel, Haim. It is the 26th of January 1999, Shvat 9, 5759, Heavenly Perfume 28, Castelnuovo Magra, Liguria, Italy, Via Provinciale 50. This is in the power of the Beit Din of Mordechai ha-Tzadik of the FR, on the authority of the Final Goel, Haim. This text of Gilad Sh. represents, God save us, the extreme arrogance and exact counter-position to the humility of Moses, our teacher.

GNOMEN 118 - We, pupils of the Teacher of Life, Haim, must try to understand the Signs given. The Neck of Pharaoh means that the 5th hated level is the Kshi Oref, the Stiff-necked sin of this period. The blood and boils on my father’s chin means that the sin has become so crude and coarse and the innocent victims so many that their sin has come up to awaken the Judgement of God to save and to redeem His people Israel, as in the time of Moses’ going to Pharaoh which was the apex-period of Pharaoh’s arrogance etc. Thus the Signs of the Plagues here. The ‘separation’ of my father and mother where the ‘wisdom’ of the Torah is falsified by way of a ‘friendship’ level instead of a ‘marriage’ level with the true Tradition of the Torah, gives the explanation of the result of the sin of Yeor, the illicit ‘occult’ Divine unions of the Ten Emanated Spherot in the waters of the Nile-Zohar. We are in the moment of the true opening of the Holy Wars of God against the false Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar.

GNOMEN 119 - In Shadmon’s radical linguistic assimilation, simplification and total falsification, more than in any other book on Kabbalah until now, the clearness of separation from the true Tradition cannot be missed by anyone who is knowledgeable in the Torah. This has its good side in being a recognisable enemy but, on the worse side, unfortunately, it means that the enemy has taken its decisions and doesn’t search for its victims among all those who ‘represent’ the Tradition in any way. Only those who are not knowledgeable in the Tradition will fall! It is, of course, the sin of the Book of the Zohar that has to be destroyed. Shadmon’s text is only the last drop that sets off the judgement after the pail has already been filled to the brim. With the last intolerable manifestation of the ‘fallen tongue’ of the Giladi, the judgement goes out from the beginning of the sin of the Book of the Zohar and until its present, last, arrogant manifestation of the Kabbalah, torat ha-nistar.

GNOMEN 120 - Noda dreamed this morning that after going to the neighbour across the road, when she wanted to return, a large crocodile was blocking the road. - - - The Plague of frogs was from the Nile and in Tradition it is said that the crocodiles were formed from the frogs that returned to the Nile at the end of the Plague. This Sign (aside from confirming this opinion in Tradition) completes the Sign of the sin of Yeor.

GNOMEN 121 - It is equally relevant that the Sign of Pharaoh is representative of the Tenth Level; he was the Tenth god of Egypt and the tenth plague related to him directly and his household, although he himself was spared so as to witness the rest of the fall of Egypt. Pharaoh is the stiff-necked, deified King of Egypt, the divine king of the divine kingdom, Egypt. When the 5th level of the sin is reached, also the tenth level is reached because it is doubled, as, for example, the 5 levels of idolatry in Christianity and the 5 levels of the sin of the false Kabbalah in Judaism.

GNOMEN 122 - Thus the tenth and final stage of the sin of the false Kabbalah has arrived. The correspondence to a tenth level in the writings of SMH has come in the dream of Giuseppe above in which I received the Sign from Giuseppe to write 2 volumes on Wisdom, Ancient and New; wisdom is the tenth Virtue in the Completed Signs.

GNOMEN 123 - What we are seeing is the Pharaoh Kingdom that is blocking the true redemption and impeding the reconciliation of the hearts. Elsewhere we have explained that the sin of Yeor was to make the ‘Wisdom’ (YOD - 10) of the 10 gods of Egypt, the binding light of Cof Egypt. Pharaoh himself, the tenth god, was the ‘Binder’ of this ‘Union of idolatrous ‘Wisdom’ (the theological doctrines of hhartumei mitzraim) with ‘Comprehension’ (mostly the religious rites and the popular belie