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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) - Sefer Esther 3

Sefer Esther 3

chapter 5

GNOMEN 201 - It is, of course, true enough that we are receiving the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan. The Great Whale, of course, does not reveal his redemptional influences unless the Final Goel, Haim, agrees. In the Signs, I received the authorisation to receive and to formulate and to announce quietly the New, True Kabbalah, directly from the Final Goel, Haim. This is New Kabbalah and this is True Kabbalah. True Kabbalah means, first of all, that it is part of the true Tradition of Israel, the written and oral Tradition and there is nothing in this Kabbalah that is outside or deviating from the true Tradition.

GNOMEN 202 - This Kabbalah is called New because the Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan, has never been revealed before. The revelation of this New Kabbalah does not come into the world until the Revelation of the FR. The Big Whale, Leviathan is well-known in Tradition, for it is of the portions of Leviathan or at least of his salted female that the just will eat of at the time of the FR at the Great Banquet that will be prepared for the occasion. Nevertheless, as In all questions that deal with the FR, their Signs are mentioned in various forms in Tradition but they are not explained. There is none wiser than the Lord, our God, who has hidden the ‘secrets’ of the FR even to the eyes of the Sages of Israel before the time would come.

GNOMEN 203 - Generally speaking, the prophesied Sin of trying to hasten the End Time begins with the B.o.t.Zohar with those who fell into its clutches believing that this was the book that brought the FR as written there that ‘this book will furnish alimentation at the time of the Geulah’. What did they think Moses de Leon was going to write, that his book would lead Israel to its terrible holocaust! He would never have been able to sell it had he written such! Nevertheless, the Zohar did prophesy that the Redemption would come in 1940!!!!!!

GNOMEN 204 - Great minds, learned rabbis and Torah scholars fell into the trap of the false-lights of that text. A great, false illumination in the darkness of exile and its many tribulations. A desire to find the true spiritual light that would bring by its truth and its spirit the great, promised final Redemption. See how the Torah becomes covered under such a desire! They sought the End Time of exile and the great light of the Redemption. So explained the Tzadik Haim that because of that desire they fell into the sin of the End-Time to hasten the Ketz. The Tzadik explained to me at length, although only now am I beginning to grasp its deeper reality, that the sin of desiring to hasten the end time is by no means a small ‘iniquity’ especially in the hands of those responsible for teaching the Torah to others.

GNOMEN 205 - On the surface such a desire may seem legitimate enough until it is dissected into its true components while taking into consideration the term itself ‘AVON KETZ, the ‘sin of hastening the end time’. There is a difference between a Jew who desires light and redemption and between a Jew who desires to find the way to ‘bring’ the redemption. The first desire is comprehensible. The second desire is nothing less than against the will of God. Only God, the Redeemer who revealed His holy name to Moses in the burning bush can bring the redemption. The Holy Torah never commanded us to search for the way to bring the final redemption. The Prophet Habakuk said ‘even in the desperation of waiting for the End Time, wait for it, even if it tarries, for come it will surely come and it will not be late’.

GNOMEN 206 - Not without reason it is said that the Great Angel Satan knows the entire Torah and, obviously, his great last historical up-rise against the chosen people had to be an extremely intelligent and apparently spiritual trap in order to throw Israel down. But the Serpent found the roots there in that period of some 700 years ago where there already existed ‘circles’ of Jewish ‘mystics’ searching for the ‘secrets of the higher spiritual worlds’ in order to find the way to bring Israel to its final redemption. There were also other fraudulent manuscripts falsely attributed to great personages of the past. In those ‘secret’ writings the term ‘Ten Spherot without substance’ came to the fore in Sefer Ha-Yezirah.