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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) -

Sefer Esther 3

Chapter 6

GNOMEN 251 - I have seen many changes in my life until now. At 17, I still didn’t know the difference between Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardic Jews, and yet it has been my destiny to know and to help others know, God willing, how to distinguish between the true Kabbalah of Israel and the false-Kabbalah of the past centuries. Not only, it has proven my destiny to receive from the Teacher of Life, Haim, the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan. I cannot deny the truth. I have seen the coming of the promised Final Redemption. It has been my privileged destiny to be talmid of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Haim, even though it was not in my destiny to reach their level.

GNOMEN 252 - What I have not been able to see above, however, has been recompensed by the marvels revealed here in the world for the Third and FR. I have been called to come out of my parasha in the Torah to break down the barriers of past history so that eventually the News of the FR reach the 4 corners of the earth. I go down on all fours and bray, happy for the Donkey Signs that fall upon me. I am the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim and yet I have been made into an animal, a redemptional Sign-bearing Animal, often not much more intelligent than that precious but stubborn man-carrying beast. Often my heart cries out in a spasm of desire to tell of myself, to give over some rendering in words of the contrasts that I have seen.

GNOMEN 253 - I believe that I have seen more contrasts in my own life than anyone else. I speak because it is part of my obligation to speak, of the Peretz Signs, of the Donkey Signs, of Big Fish Signs and even of Illumined Turtle Signs.

GNOMEN 254 - I dip a piece of bread into milk and I rub it over the honey-sap covering my knees. I look upwards until I feel my Sign perceived in the Kingdom of Heaven and I say ‘For the blessing of the Rite of Milk and Honey on the Altar of Malchitzedek’. Then I eat my Milk and Honey Donkey Bread and say ‘Blessed are You, o Lord, our God, who has made me His bread’.

GNOMEN 255 - Had I not to yelp out the dangers of Shadmon ecstasy! But the force of contrast carries with it the wisdom of contrast and the Donkey is not one to let such occasions slip by. I had wondered how the Hherem would fare with the great Messianic-Habad-Farce dead in its Cult-photo Tanks?

GNOMEN 256 - Signor Remo Levi, peace be with him, had sent a dream in which young men of other Hasidic groups had died before their time because of ‘that’ way of life and their practices. But how would the war of Milhhamot Ha-Shem begin?

GNOMEN 257 - These Hasidic fanatics are generally not accepted by the Jewish people nor did they look at the Hasidic groups as ‘deriving’ from the B.o.t.Zohar. Generally, people did not consider the possibility of false theologies underlying those movements.

GNOMEN 258 - How would the Jewish people come face to face with the clash of Zohar-theology? Gilad Shadmon’s booklet came to give me the answers. Finally people would see the evil of the B.o.t.Zohar itself.

GNOMEN 259 - Shadmon’s simplification linguistics is incredibly explicit in rendering the purposes of the Zoharists for what they are. He is a man who has studied alternative medicine for years, obviously a researcher and searcher of the relationships between ideas and systems, wrote this book with the intention of bringing the true purposes of the B.o.t.Zohar down to earth. It is as if he has said, “let us Kabbalists finally stop beating around the bush. Let us finally say what we truly believe and what we are aiming at, in a clear language that all can appreciate if they have not yet been contaminated with other forms of Judaism”.

GNOMEN 260 - It is true. This unsanctimonious piece of kifrut does not beat around the bush. G.S. says clearly that you absolutely need nothing else in the world except the Book of the Zohar and the Ashlag Ladder to reach the true purpose in life and nothing else in existence can give you or bring you to that true purpose. Is it possible to be clearer than that! Many warnings explained by the Hhacham ElGafeh and in the Hherem of the Five Tablets of how all this false-Kabbalah in the end leads to negating the true Torah were still ‘covered over’ by the Coat of the Halacha of Traditional Judaism, Habad, for example, but just about all the other forms of Mystic Judaism were ‘covered over’ with traditional garb.

GNOMEN 261 - It was here that I understood that from the Fourth Hated Generation of Habad to this Zohar-Ashlag-Leitman-Shadmon Kifrut there was an incredible jump. One was concealed under centuries of rabbinic beating-around-the-bush-sophistication while this was crude-open-negation (when looked in the face) of all Tradition. Then I understood from the Signs of the Plagues and the Sign of Pharaoh received by me etc. that when the idolatrous cycle descends until its Hated Fourth Generation (Habad) where it is so entrenched in traditional garb as well as its own historical development that its roots are indiscernible, there exists yet another doubled-level of the Hated Fourth Generation which, so to speak, gets the spring-board back to the original sin of fathers of the Book o. t. Zohar itself.

GNOMEN 262 - This is in correspondance to the Sign made by the Final Goel, Haim, in the Sign of the Stars from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star, here on the negative side, concerning the idolatrous sin in its 4 generational descent. It is a strategy from Above because in the end, it is the Sin of the Book o.t.Zohar and its totally idolatrous theology that must become known. The terrible error of Habad Messianism was not enough to awaken the understanding unto the roots of the matter. G.S.s mystic simplistics did away with all historical development (except for Ashlag) and the new stage was set for the Great Cult to the Ten Emanated Spherot themselves as taught in the B.o.t.Zohar. Pharaoh, Plagues, Kifrut unseen before; the Mission of the Final Redemption would have to announce. The time had come; ‘od hhazon la-moed had reached its moment.

GNOMEN 263 - The Hutzpah of G. Shadmon is indeed Pharaonic, so terribly undermining all true Tradition and so dangerous in its victimisation. The time of fierce judgement is at hand. The evil here reaches its maximum and ‘completes’ the sin. We speak of the Fifth level of the sin but it must be remembered that it is a Fifth level of the Hated Fourth Generation. It the sin that ‘wraps up’ all its past into a new neat package ready to send out on a ‘universal’ level, as the Fifth Star which is the Universal Star. The Sign of the Stars which is also the Sign of the Times of the Fourth Generation is itself doubled. For example, the idolatrous sin in the Jewish camp and the idolatrous sin in the Christian camp, reason for which we may speak also of this Fifth level as being as well the Tenth level. And the Sign of Pharaoh (the tenth god of Egypt) and the Sign of the Plagues (that were 10) prove it.

GNOMEN 264 - If you read his booklet and you listen closely to its words, you will hear not only blasphemy in every sentence. If you are attuned to determining arrogance, you will find that from beginning to end, the hands are the hands of an impostor and the voice is the voice of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, the apex of arrogance so despised by the God of Israel. The true enemy of the Jewish people (after its being hidden for so many years) has finally decided to show its true face. Ah, finally, he is dressed in Egyptian garments and he comes in full arrogance with a crown of self-love and demonic self-confidence demanding the absolute Reign of the Book of the Zohar for all.

GNOMEN 265 - Unfortunately there are victims because many do not have the criteria for determining arrogance and do not have the Tradition or at least not the true Tradition of the Second Commandment etc. On the other hand,you can fool a Jew when he is sleeping but not when he wakes up. The evil of this booklet and the sickness of its intentions and the absolute arrogance of its author have brought the Zohar-sin down to earth for all to see. Vox popoli is needed in the FR and vox popoli will come and Jews all over will soon be standing up to denounce and to curse Ashlag’s Crazy-House-Zohar-Rally and they will do everything possible to bring it down.

GNOMEN 266 - The fact of the Fifth level is significant as the final level of this evil in the true sense of the well-known Jobian phrase ‘zeh le-umat zeh’ ‘God made one against the other’. This means that the Creator, Blessed is He, placed the forces of good in counter-position to the forces of evil in the creation. The ‘le’umat zeh’ (the negative forces) are known as the ‘sitra-ahhra’ ‘the other side’. As explained in the Five Tablets, it must be kept in mind that certain terms such as this ‘sitra-ahhra’ has its place as a linguistic reality concerning true Kabbalah but is falsified and corrupted by the theology of the Zohar. All examples may be taken from the term Esser Sfirot Bli Ma (10 Spherot without substance) corrupted in the Zohar into Esser Sfirot Neetzalot (10 Emanated Spherot).

GNOMEN 267 - The Hhacham Elgafeh yells brimstone and fire against the Pantheon created in the B.o.t.Zohar with its 10 Emanated Spherot of Kedusha (sanctity) in counter-position to the 10 Spherot of the Sitra-ahhra (the other-side, of impurity). As we have seen in the diplomacy of James Baker ‘we must concede that the 10 spherot do exist but their interpretation has falsified the true meaning’. This was essential for understanding definitively that the enemy was not the 10 sfirot bli ma. The enemy was the 10 sfirot neetzalot.

GNOMEN 268 - Here is the point. The false-Kabbalah is exactly the ‘sitra-ahhra’ of the true Kedusha. It is EXACTLY the 180 degree opposite of the true Kabbalah. If one, for the sake of argument, reads the Zohar with the purpose of negating and denying every aspect of its theology while undoing the false linguistics of Emanation, one will find himself ratifying the true theology of the Second Commandment and purifying the conceptual falsehoods into a proper context of the true Kabbalah. IT IS EXACTLY THIS ‘TERRIBLE’ FACT THAT HAS ALLOWED FOR ISRAEL’S FALL. It is exactly because the ‘Sitra-ahhra’ is in direct counter-position to the true Sitra d’Kedusha, not simply a misinterpretation or deviation, that the rabbis lost their balance and fell, believing in ‘good faith’ that the words of the B.o.t.Zohar were ‘holy’ and ‘true Kabbalah’.

GNOMEN 269 - Do not find it strange, then, that we can now declare, with the Signs at hand, that the reaching of the Fifth Level of Evil of the terrible, prophesied sin of the Second Commandment also means the completion of the sin of the Five Par