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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) Sefer Esther 3

chapter 9

GNOMEN 401 - DIARY: Feb. 5, 1999; Shvat 19, 5759; Lion’s Den 10: Davide Levi called today with an extraordinary dream. He saw the Teacher of Life, Haim, in Israel, who danced with enormous joy before other people. The Final Goel, Haim, was dressed in a uniform of Katzin ha-Bitahhon of the Hhevrat ha-Shmirah (Officer of Security for Civil Protection). The Tzadik Haim danced up and down with unbounded happiness; Peretz was alongside the Teacher. In the place where they were, there was one girl who sat alone in a corner very sad. The Teacher, seeing her, went over and said to her to dance but she remained apathetic. The Teacher Haim insisted and he took hold of her and brought her to dancing although it was not easy for her. He also placed his elbows on her breasts to awaken her spirit. The Tzadik kept on dancing with immense vigor and Davide was amazed throughout the dream that he had never seen the Teacher as happy as he was in this marvellous vision. The Tzadik Haim also went out into the street and stopped traffic, calling to the people that they should dance. The Teacher spoke four languages in the dream, Italian, French (with Peretz), German (with a Scandinavian girl) and Hebrew. - -

GNOMEN 402 - We thank EL Shaddai for hearing this great news and for seeing the Final Goel, Haim, in such a true simhha. We can assume that the happiness is bound to the true New Purim of the Third and Final Redemption. These are signs of the ‘second appointed time’ of the prophecy of Habakuk. We say open and with permission we shall open but the manner is Purim from the Hidden School of Esther in Beersheva.

The day after receiving this news by telephone from Davide, there arrived the Book sent by him of hhamoro shel mashiah (The Donkey of the Messiah) of Teppe Rachelbesky. I read it, on the contrary, I licked it up and down with joy. There was a reason for the convergence. Not only, that book itself is a sign, a very positive sign which is in counter-position to the ‘false-Kabbalah’, the ‘false messianism’ that has derived from it, the ‘false mentality’ that it has created in them and the ‘erring direction’ of the halacha because of it.

GNOMEN 403 - Rachelbesky brilliantly and justly reads all the motivating forces of the hhredim, because of the fanatic-messianic-mysticism formed from the Zohar and Lurianic Kabbalah etc, that was behind and that went into the vicious murder of Yitzhak Rabin, peace be with him. It is a true tribute to the soul of a truly great hero of Israel, loved by Heaven and by people. We can affirm that Yitzhhak Rabin was loved Above from a dream (mine) just after the murder in which Yitzhak Rabin was invited to eat together with the Final Goel, Haim, and his wife, the Signora Mazal, peace be upon her precious soul. This is, of course replete with meaning for us. In another dream received by Paolo it was shown how Netanyahu murdered Yitzhhak Rabin and then made himself as a sad hasid. The sign is not to be taken, obviously, at the letter but at the heart of the matter, as Rachelbesky expounds on with his great expertise in Israeli matters and his potent force of historical interpretation.

GNOMEN 404 - Rachelbesky speaks of a fact concerning those of the ‘religious zionism’ following the teachings of R. Isaac Ha-Cohen Cook, peace be upon him, who previously allowed themselves to take part in mixed-dancing for the sake of ‘reconciliation’ and reciprocal understanding etc. between them and non-religious sabras. There was a point, however, when they stopped and slowly but surely were pulled back into the hhredi stream more and more. That break-away represents for Rachelbesky the ‘sign’ of the division of no-return between hhredim or hherdised Judaism and non-religious Israelis that was coming. For this reason the Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, who dances with such immense joy and dances together with a young girl and even touches her breasts (from outside) with his elbows to help her awaken her spirit, comes as well to demonstrate the Tzadik’s enthusiasm and ‘official’ justification of Rachelbesky’s thesis.

GNOMEN 405 - I had not read Rachelbesky’s book yet when Davide Levi, living now in Hholon, asked me innocently how it was the Tzadik allowed himself such liberty (his undertones were to say that there might be many that would not understand such an action and might even use such to build conflicts etc). I said that the Tzadik ‘descends’ to awaken the spirit of the people and especially in Israel today where the most difficult thing is to awaken the spirit. The touching of the girl’s breasts is a ‘Sign’ to bring back the true desire of life that has been unkindled for so long. The Final Goel does not come only into the Synagogue but even into the discotecs and into the street, to the people, the people of the land. Afterwards I saw that Rachelbesky’s hhamoro shel mashiahh was ad hoc in every sense.

GNOMEN 406 - As the booklet of G.S. was an extremely negative sign the book ‘hhamoro shel mashiah’ was an extremely positive sign. There is awakening, a new awakened mentality of how to envision the battered state of the Jewish religious world today. It represents a new mentality of where to search for the errors that have caused the sad state of the official Judaism of today especially in Israel. Underlying Its purpose is also a political call to reinforce the ‘left’ in Israel so as to bring the Jewish homeland to a state of normalcy in a search for a democracy with balanced solutions, a democracy jeapardised by the religious fanaticism that does not understand the true benefits of the fulcrum-life of the State, for Israel itself, on an international level, and even more with a true outlook for future peace. The Completed Signs have confirmed this aspiration and have spoken only negatively about the Likud.

GNOMEN 407 - All has come in time for Esther 3, hee-haw. Rachelbesky’s work is a forerunner to a necessary new mentality that is coming to its formation. The book is a positive sign but it is negative in its true portrayal of the present situation. The brilliance of Rachelbesky has been to come to a profound understanding of the roots of Jewish Mysticism that are behind the mentality of the no-return hhredim etc. His research and exposition are destined to awaken a new channel of research into the true culprit, the Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar and Lurianic Kabbalah. That is just the mentality needed to search for all the material concerning Milhhamot Ha-Shem found in the Five Tablets of the Pact and the Hherem Mi-Deoraita and here in Esther 3. Obviously, Rachelbesky is not in a position to reveal the ‘idolatrous doctrines’ of the false Kabbalah. This is an obligatory mitzvah, however, in the first stage of the FR, to expose what is false-Kabbalah and to clarify what is true Tradition.

GNOMEN 408 - Nor can Rachelbesky, although he is an excellent Donkey concerning the purposes of his work, furnish true and wonderful Donkey news of the coming of the Final Goel and the Completed Historical Signs of the Final Redemption. But the research to search out the false-Kabbalah will conduce to the research of understanding the true Kabbalah. The distinctions between the two which can be studied only in SMH at this point of history will further lead to the desire to understand why the Final Goel, Haim, has sided with the Israelis of every level and touched the breasts of a forlorn girl to wake up her spirit and has even stopped trafic to give over the true joy of the marvellous Final Redemption which is at hand. The Tzadik Haim is for the people who have a good heart, not for the hhredim whose falsified Judaism leads them only to a closed and calloused heart and hatred for all those not as they.

GNOMEN 409 - Dancing is also a Sign of the Completion of the Stature of Man. One cannot dance unless his stature is complete. This confirms the Signs of the New Heart and the New Humble Brain, in the Sign of 100, the Laugther of Isaac, our father, and the Sign of 120 (the New Heart has 45 elements and the NewHumble Brain 55 elements - 100. Together with the ten toes and ten fingers, the full stature of 120 is reached. This also represents an important level of Completion in the Triple-Meditation formed on the Ascents of Moses, our teacher, each of 40 days and nights). The Sign of 120 of the CS of the FR completes the stature of the Just man who lives in his faith.

GNOMEN 410 - Also positive things are coming for Israel and for the Jewish people at large. For If evil is hidden, good is even more hidden and when the evil is extracted the good remains intact until it too is revealed. The world at large has already entered the Final Fourth Generation of 65 years and all those who have perpetrated evil against the Jewish people will be punished both on hidden levels and on manifested international levels. Also Israel and the Jewish world are part of the Fourth Generation but there is a great difference in this between the children of Israel and the nations. The Holy One Blessed is He brought the children of Israel to its Holocaust, the worst of the worst of punishments, so that it be exempt from the punishments of the Final Fourth Generation, as explained in Paulus Corrected.

GNOMEN 411 - The State of Israel already exists, thank God, and its existence is eternal as prophesied. The world is in its Fourth Generation but the Jewish people is in the time of its refinement. That refinement requires first of all its purification from ‘foreign gods’ before it can go up to Beth El. Here it is a matter of personal merit or personal sin and on these there is judgement but Israel and the Jewish people are not within the framework of the punishments of the Fourth Generation as are all the other nations of the world. The sacrifice of Israel has been accepted before Him and the judgement of Israel will become more and more positive as it historically becomes aware of itself in the face of what will take place in the world. I speak because I am the Donkey who eats the Bread of the FR but it is history, the history of this Terrible and Final Fourth Generation that will speak to the hearts of all those chosen to carry the true faith into the future generations.

GNOMEN 412 - In truth the chosen Final Goel, Haim, born in Saana, Yemen in June 1914 and died in Milan in June 1982, was the Hidden Goel of Israel when he was in the world and in hidden ways and on hidden levels, he prepared the way of the Final Redemption. It will take time. The Final Redemption is large, large, large. It is not only Jewish. It is universal, for all Jews who are not a part of the False-Kabbalah, for Christians who have exited from all traditional Christianity and for Moslems who are friendly towards Israel and towards Jews. Not a majority you say, but so is it decreed and nothing will change it, as far as we can know. Only one third of humanity is chosen to proceed into the generations of the FR.

GNOMEN 413 - There is, however, much more good hidden in the heart of people than is recognisable openly. How many millions of Christians, especially Protestants, have come and are coming to love Israel and to perceive Israel in the light of prophecy, something totally unthinkable before our times. And how many millions of Moslems, if their leaders would begin to speak favorably of Israel and Jews would immediately change their attitudes from hatred to love or at least to positive feelings. Israel, however, has to pass through phases of self-maturity but its paths are guided from above so that its own history teaches it the lessons that it needs and from above Jews will be conducted to the maturity of desiring to understand those lessons in profundity.

GNOMEN 414 - The Redemption for Israel runs deep but when it emerges, it is encompassing on all sides and its unified new linguistic ‘pure tongue’ of the Completed Signs is the one prophesied and it does not exit from the unified language of Torah and Tradition. There will be awakenings in Israel, yearning for a new spirit, depth will be sought in the global history of the chosen people. Israel will contemplate its present and contemplate its past and find new meanings in its heart. A profound faith in the God of Israel will reveal itself from within. Not through philosophy or literature will they find their faith but from themselves within the new meanings that they discover in their innate self which had previously been hidden.

GNOMEN 415 - For in the fulfilment of prophecy we are naught but the fulfilment of the prophecies. The Promised Final Redemption had to come. God’s choice of the Final Goel had to be realised. As the return of the Jewish people to its homeland, so did God’s choice of the Final Goel have to be. And so all the Marvellous Completed Signs and the Marvellous New Messages both for Israel and for the nations had to come in God’s fulfilment of His name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE and in fulfilment of the Torah and of the Prophets of Israel and of Tradition. Therefore be joyous if you come to see these words because the Final Goel, Haim, has danced up and down with great joy because of the victorious phases of history that will henceforth be coming into the life of Israel and the Jewish people. And all those who impede the final redemption will be impeded from their impeding actions.

GNOMEN 416 - Hear o Israel, the Final Fourth Generation of the world is Great and Terrible. It will not be light for all peoples and all nations, and Israel will be saved and redeemed but also because it will be in situations from which it must be saved and redeemed in order to continue its existence. Great is the Final Redemption that comes into the world in the midst of the Great Darkness and the Great Confusion and the Great False Illumination and the True Scientific Illumination of the Final Fourth Generation. Terrible is the state of lowliness and painfulness, wars and sicknesses, plagues of madness, iniquity and darkness into which the world descends in the second half of the Fourth Generation.

GNOMEN 417 - Israel will be separated because it is separated by the Lord, its God, whose eyes do not abandon the land from the beginning of the year until the end of the year. Nevertheless, also Israel is a part of the world and, on levels of the material world, what happens in the world cannot but reflect on the physical life of Israel as well. Also Israel will have bear through some of the heaviness of the Fourth Generation. The great joy is for victories of the spirit of Israel and victories in new comprehension of its purposes and awakenings of great inner faith and new inner hope. The News of the Final Redemption is bringing this about because every piece of news bound to the Completed Signs of the FR, even if only to a very few people, bind the FR from the heavens above until the earth.

GNOMEN 418 - It comes at first to only a few people and from the Schools the New Messages are prepared for eventual diffusion. In Israel that School is called Beit Sefer Esther and it is from this School, also by way of Internet, that people will begin to learn of the News of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. It is a great victory when Queen Esther can finally exit from her Palace to teach her virtues to the people and when the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik of the Final Redemption can open its New Tablets of judgement , the New Law of the FR, in pu