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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2     Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash -

               The Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES     These are 30 Tablets of 30 Gnomen each

representing the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption

contents - correction of Shaul and Rahhel and correction of the marriage of Shaul and Rahhel - document of their renewed marriage and the 2 blessings of the new priesthood of Malchitzedek,   also brought on Tablet 17 -

TABLET 16       30 PASSES



tablet 16 - 30 passes

tikkun - correction



Gnomen 1   A Donkey Catharsis to wake me up from correction-lag. I plea guilty. What right have I to lag behind when Tails need be stabilized with Correction glue! They’ve put me on a Donkey Cap but I’ll get up and show them how to lick a foe in the toe of David’s cunning to Goliath’s trick. * I’ll get up a Correction Tree and branch out on all sides. With my 7 bladed sword of ** fidelity, I’ll climb with star-born passion that I received tonight from the foot of Big-Chief Red Horse. I too am a Donkey-Indian-Lion tonight, drunk in the mystery of my own correction.

* Giuseppe dreamed (Aug. 1997) that he saw David lift up Goliath in victory. It was indicated in the dream that our changeover to this new house on 50 Via Provinciale represents an elevation for the Mission from 36 to 250. -

** these are the 7 Strands of the Tail of the Donkey, Deborah, Sharon, Yael, Lucky Star, Rahhel, Michael-Esther and Osnat. The 7 Tails are Davide Levi, Anna Gasparotti, Adam Kamkhaji, Paolo Fierro, Noda (Deborah) Polenghi, Daniele Manigrasso and Giuseppe Manigrasso.

Gnomen 2 I am confounded by my love to Chief Red Horse’s foot. He is so all to be corrected yet. Is the Donkey so low as to breed on his feet, I, so convinced that the only nice part of me were my feet? I hid my face thinking me some animal and was ashamed and amazed that everybody else knew almost everything but I never knew anything. O Lord, the Donkey’s my Correction too for I have always considered myself less than mankind.

Gnomen 3   And yet I must be fixed, my friends, I must have all my pieces put back together. 4000 fragments are written upon me, I must regain full stature. With upthrust I must ride the Tablets to correct your walking. Big-Chief Red Horse rides fiery winds to console the nations and to warn ‘Beware, the sand that descends from the 8th hole of Esau’s red flute has corrected my lower brain and now it’s correcting my heart to receive the Pact’.

Gnomen 4  Red Horse   complained, “I am a hot-head and I burn with anger at everything I see. I can’t stand you all. What do you want from me? Go stay by yourselves and leave me alone. In any case, you’ll never understand that I need company. How can I be corrected when each time I close the cage of my defect upon myself? Give me a knife that I might cut it out but where, where is it to cut? In my mind, in my heart, in my liver, in my middle passion, in the toes of my feet? Enough, I can’t stand you anymore. Must I then cut myself to pieces? No, stay where you are and I’ll stay where I am and let us be as stubborn as mules. It’s your fault. Why didn’t you paint my knees blue and green with red glitter to spark off my Indian flare?”

Gnomen 5  Big Chief Red Horse cried on my thigh and his tears rolled down my leg. “I’ve wasted years without taking merits. I could have done so much and I only lost time and privileges”. “Why are you lacremating so thoroughly” I urged: “You’ve still got good red stuff to run. My skin is oily and you won’t dry out anger on oil. Up on your horse legs, saddened waste, and drive on to new horizons. Remember that derech eretz came before the law of the horse and before the donkey’s brays. Up now to run the 4 angles of the earth and you will feel no loneliness”?

Gnomen 6  O correction, correction, all is correction. O what joy of joys when we are guided into seeing our defects.

Gnomen 7   “But we are the sickness of platitudes and banal reckoning” , Red Horse said furiously. “I want to grip the lion with my polished horse-shoes. I want to balance on the ocean’s surface, held up by a well-stroking tail. I wish not to brim about the city’s hazards and chant the coughing of plagued unhappening. But what must I want and why do I want and what have I to want if all is wanting? How may I start my progression when I am one big defect in need of a total correction. “Cry on my thigh, then” I agreed, “until you see visions of blessing. It is not you who has chosen to correct yourself but you who have been chosen to be corrected”.

Gnomen 8   Come all ye tribes of the American Indian nations. Big-Chief Red Horse has a message from the Great Spirit. Even Indian horses can finally be saddled without losing the pleasure of bare legs against the horse’s silky hide. But the mind, o Master of the world, when will the mind come back to nature? When will the thought monsters recede and be no more? You Indians have advantages in your love of nature but white man’s psyche has gone to the wind. Correction begins in the heart, a just heart that knows it must be corrected. The Great Spirit loves mankind’s heart when it is just.

Gnomen 9  Be simple , o 9 holes,  and remember that you do exist. Look at yourself in the mirror to see if you are there. Look at your fingers and your toes and see that it is true, you exist. All will know Him, from the greatest to the smallest. All those who know that they exist, but those who do not know that they truly exist will no longer exist in that time. And when you have convinced yourself that, in truth, you exist, then will you begin to think about what you are doing with your existence. You can feel the existence of life in the same measure that you feel your own existence. Wake up to yourself and see that you exist.

Gnomen 10  It’s the day before the 9th of Menahhem Av. The time is at its lowest and its most hidden highest, in the hidden feast of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim, now celebrated in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the force of this Sign which allows for the Correction of mankind.

Gnomen 11    The Correction follows the form of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. You cannot enter the correction until there is a mental form of how the corrected form must be. You must follow a teacher for whom you have the maximum respect. In the Third and Final Redemption, the Almighty chooses the Tzadik whom He desires be the Teacher of mankind, the Teacher from whom to learn the truth of God’s Redemption, from whom to study and to apply his teachings. The Final Sign of the Resurrection is also the Sign of Mankind Corrected.  

Gnomen 12